By Nick Payne
Directed by Tyler Marchant

January 26-February 4, 2018
Memorial Union Theater / Fredric March Play Circle

Starring Andrea San Miguel & Marcus Truschinski

What if one moment--or one word—shifted the universe, altering your whole life? Walk into the world of Constellations where metaphysics and love intermingle. Through a dizzying series of vignettes, an intimate and imaginative romance unfolds across time and space, charting the limitless possibilities of a single relationship.

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LINES: A Theatre LILA Invention
by Atra Asdou, Olivia Dawson, Melisa Pereyra, Aidaa Perzeeda & Malkia Stampley-Johnson
April 20-29, 2018
Overture Center for the Arts

Theatre LILA commissioned five female playwrights of color to create fierce, honest portrayals of the lines in their lives—that separate and connect; that need to be crossed, erased, and drawn again; that are invisible and in-between. LINES celebrates a diverse cross-section of women, whose stories will inspire, provoke, build compassion, and become a catalyst for change.

LINES tickets on sale NOW!
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