Inspirational Women
Harwich Junior Theatre, Cape Cod, MA
August, 2006

Andy Arden Reese & Jessica Lanius, Lila’s Artistic Directors lead an intense weeklong residency at the oldest children’s theatre in the country. An ensemble of multi-generational women was built for the purpose of exploring and creating theater pieces based on the women who inspire them. Harwich Junior Theatre is Cape Cod’s premiere family theater dedicated to bringing the finest quality live theater to children, young people, and their families.

“I absolutely loved the entire experience! You so beautifully relaxed our group of women and girls enabling us to open up not only within ourselves but to one another. To be able, in such a short period of time, to be willing to share such personal information with strangers in no small feat. Your facilitating was seamless and seemed effortless (being a facilitator I know it was not effortless). The exercises flowed naturally from one to the next. Nothing was ever forced. Your team teaching was graceful and strong. You encouraged all of us to take risks but never pushed any person further than she wanted to go… I thank you for the experience of taking this wonderful, inspiring journey-all of us together.”
- Tamara Harper (Director of Outreach and Education, HJT)

“…from the energy, imagination, preparation, digestion, love you put in those five days…what a gift and revelation you provided us 15 ladies…I can’t think of any theater adventure I’ve ever had in which the personal release and recognition of each person in the group (and what a diverse group!) occurred so fully in such a short time – in combination with such clear, focused, remarkable technical and imaginative teaching/exploration – such a real achievement of ensemble.”
- Workshop Participant

“I loved our week together… my favorite part was the telling of our stories to each other that afternoon---there was a flow to that, and an intimacy, and most of all, a sense of sincerity and meaning that was sacred. I felt, like you yourself have said, honored to be a part of that story circle…it was really interesting to watch the two of you work together with us to create an ensemble--taking bits and parts, like collage and trying out various arrangements--like different theme lines in a concerto. Your imaginative approach, and your focus were wonderful. “
- Workshop participant

“As a teacher I gained great knowledge. Not only in how to present concepts of theatre and techniques to my students. But having had a personal relationship with many of the woman, I watched them grow as the days progressed. Stronger voices of themselves. Making choices. Giving feedback. Taking compliments. Pushing beyond their safety limits. And I have had the pleasure of seeing that and those individuals continue to do that in their daily lives. I have had the distinct pleasure of observing them saying “I AM”.... Bravo. “
- Lisa Canto (Lead Teacher, HJT)

“Your workshop was incredible. I'm still processing it!”
- Workshop participant

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