NW Wildflower

All the World's a Stage: Unleash Your Girl Power!

Theatre LILA’s Wildflower Project partners with
February ‘07

The LILA Wildflower Project celebrates women and girls of all ages as wildflowers - Celebrating their authentic spirits and embracing what makes them unique, powerful and an inspiration to each other and the world.

In this workshop, we will explore themes such as identity, body image, and self-love – giving these girls the opportunity to unleash their unique voice on the stage.

The culmination the workshop of “living research” will be a theatrical choreo-poem: a moving collage… a shared dream.

Our goals for the day:

1. To explore the theatrical techniques of LÎLA’s 360º fusion - The use of your 360º self – your physical, intellectual, psychological, and emotional instrument – in a fusion of theater and dance

2. To use this theatrical terrain to explore the lives of these girls

3. To culminate our work into a moving collage of shared images, universal “memories,” and collective dreams

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