A farcical tragedy: Adapted and Directed by Jessica Bess Lanius

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In this farcically tragic adaptation of Chekhov’s “Untitled Play,” Theatre LILA’s FIRECRACKER transports us to small town America somewhere between here and the Mississippi ubiquitously suffering the plight of chronic inescapability. Visually stimulating and emotionally hysterical, this comical tour de force sends us into the mediocre life of a man turned on its head by Midsummer Eve and the appearance of a former love. Risking spinning the rest of his world into unrestrained chaos, will he dare to chase living the life he could? 

Actors: Alexis Slade, Gregory D. Manley, James Patrick Flynn, David Randolph Irving, Eunice Ha, Francile Albright*, Liam Joynt*, Paul L. Coffey*, Richard Waddingham*, Scott Giguere*, Jennifer Donlin*

Composer / Sound Design: Bill Barclay 
Costume Design: Ellen Stockbridge 
Scenic & Lighting Design: Michael Reese
Stage Manager: Kelly Shaffer*

*Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

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