Conceived and Directed by Andy Arden Reese
Text by August Strindberg

American Theater of Actors, NYC
June 3 – 25, 2004

In Julie, Arden Reese explodes the classic Strindberg play about the dangerous affair between a Count’s daughter and her father’s valet into a treacherous game of survival of the fittest. Fusing digital video and live action, physical theater meets reality TV. Julie drops two people - fueled by lust and vulnerability and trapped inside their corrupted history - into a head-on collision of will and desire that leave them fighting for their lives.

“…overall design and feel suggestive of rats caged in a maze…to bring us into the mind of the sexually, socially and psychologically confused Julie…we watch her inner demons come streaming out and running about the stage…the three characters incessantly challenging one another to take it up a notch…Theatre LILA stirs the imagination”
Kessa De Santis of electroniclink

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance):
Kristin - Amy Clites
Jean - Quinn Mander
Julie - Bess Richardson

Artistic Staff & Production Team
Producers - Andy Arden Reese & Jessica Lanius
Scenic Design - Jeremy C. Doucette
Lighting Design - Michael A. Reese
Costume Design - Deidre Wegner
Video Production - Tony Kennette
Production Stage Manager - Christine D. Goutmann*
Asst. Stage Mgr / House Mgr - Talia Krispel*
Publicity - Adam Klasfeld

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