The Waltz of Elementary Particles

Created & Directed by Jessica Lanius

In The Waltz of Elementary Particles, Jessica Lanius choreographs and directs this devastating exploration of a fragmented world attached to video screens and personal space; where the theatre becomes a physical, multi-media collage of the American quest for happiness. Layered with the work of videographer Alexander Bruehl and original music composed by John LaSala The Waltz uses movement vocabulary developed by the Lila ensemble to create a frenetic, experiential piece of theatre that at its core asks, “Is life a collective aloneness or a togetherness with moments of acute loneliness?” The answer…is all in how you deal with an extended hand.

“There is an aura of trust permeating the ensemble that extends and includes the audience. They trust each other, trust the undercurrents of creativity…”
Bryn Manion - offoffonline.com
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“What makes this piece extraordinary is the genuine emotional experience it elicits…the human drive for success, the modern belief in technology, the loss of free time, the constant drive for more, I eventually saw that I was watching myself on stage, this rare show successfully fulfills one of the original purposes of theatre: catharsis.”
Debbie Hoodiman - NYTheatre.com
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The Ensemble
Susan Schuld
Quinn Mander
Jennifer Donlin
Andrea Arden
Jill Blythe Riemer
Yvette Feuer
Travis Stroessenreuther
Laura Walczak
Kristofer Updike
Amy Clites

Artistic Staff & Production Team
Producers - Andy Arden Reese & Jessica Lanius
Scenic Design - Jeremy Doucette
Lighting Design - Michael Reese
Costume Design - Deidre Wegner
Composer - John LaSala
Stage Manager - Christine D. Goutmann
Assistant Stage Manager - Talia Krispel
Publicity - Adam Klasfeld

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