The Beckett Theatre, Theatre Row, NYC
March & April 2008

Conceived and Directed by Andy Arden Reese
An original choreo-play inspired by texts of Walt Whitman, Samuel Beckett and Lewis Carroll.

“There is a reason WONDER:lust will drift into your dreams…the show is awash with dream images and strange juxtapositions... with the lyricism of Whitman, the philosophical mode of Beckett and Carroll’s Alice and company keeping apace of it all…There’s so much storytelling smuggled into the spontaneous, physical movements in each scene that not a beat will be missed. In the light of WONDER:lust, the audience understands why these artists shocked us into recognition.

Make no mistake--This is an adult fairytale. And its major themes ebb and flow with the rhythms of life and death...Arden Reese takes you on an astonishing ride through the terrors of logic and the vertigo of reason, and forces you to wonder about What If.
- Deidre Donovan, theatrescene.net
*TheaterScene Review!

As an ensemble choreographic dreamscape, WONDER:lust rises. A night of terrifying bleakness. A woman on the verge. Existential meltdown. Dream intersects with nightmare. Rules fly in the face of logic. And there is a fine line between what is brutal and kind. When everything you know to be true falls apart, there is WONDER:lust.

The Woman - Vanessa Morosco*

The Man/ Dr. Pill/ The Hatter - Stanley Brode

Lee - Emily Mitchell

Alice - Kate Russell

The White Rabbit/ Skat Kat - Shadae Lamar Smith

Chance - John Mulcahy 
The Duchess - Jessica Pohly

The Butcher/The Queen of Broken Hearts - Susan Schuld

The choreography for WONDER:lust was developed in collaboration with the WONDER:lust ensemble.

Artistic Staff & Production Team
Scenic & Lighting Design - Michael Reese
Composer / Sound Design - Bill Barclay
Costume Design - Niki Hernandez-Adams
Stage Manager - Lindsay Stares*
Assistant Stage Manager - Alison Chan
Publicity - Janet Appel Public Relations LLC

“We don't manage too badly, you know Chance, between the two of us? We always find something to give us the impression we exist?”
- Lee in WONDER:lust

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