Conceived and Directed by Andy Arden Reese

Wrecked busts the story of the Oresteia open into elliptical, fragmented episodes to create a kaleidoscopic journey of memories and images, confessions and confrontations, colliding and slamming this family tragedy on its head. Wrecked fuses elements of Greek mythology, German Expressionism, and burlesque, ricocheting between linguistic acrobatics and visual poetry. Set in a barren wasteland monitored by omnipresent yet always hidden cameras, Wrecked explores just how much we must suffer and bear the consequences of unrelenting cycles of violence before the world collapses upon itself.

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“Blending ancient and contemporary…fresh and startling…Theatre LILA’s production is not at all like the vaguely musty translation of the Oresteia you may have read in college.”
Mallory Jenson of Gothamist

What the audience said about WRECKED...

“Poetic and beautiful”

“Its energy and passion kept my mind stirring”

“The images haunted my dreams”

“Inspiring – vital, original, deeply felt show”

Based on the work by Greek tragedians’ Aeschylus’ trilogy, Oresteia, and Euripedes’ Trojan Women. Developed with LILA company members through a nine month investigation process.

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)
Iphigenia - Jill Blythe Riemer
Orestes - Bashir Solebo
Electra - Jennifer Donlin
Zeus - Kristofer Updike
Clytemnestra - Bess Richardson
Hecuba - Amy Clites
Cassandra - Susan Schuld
Athena - Yvette Feuer
Agamemnon - Travis Stroessenreuther
Menelaus - Scott Giguere
Helen of Troy - Yvette Feuer
Cyrus - Patrick Hogan
Aegisthus - Jason Updike

Artistic Staff & Production Team
Producers - Andrea Arden & Jessica Lanius
Scenic Design - Jeremy C. Doucette
Lighting Design - Michael A. Reese
Costume Design - Niki Hernandez-Adams
Sound Designer/Video Director - Alexander Bruehl
Stage Manager - Jessica Pecharsky
Assistant Stage Manager - Beth Ann Sweezer
Camera Operator - Leigh Nemeth
Publicity - Adam Klasfeld

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