The Mojo and the Sayso 
A Play by Aishah Rahman
The Milwaukee reviews are in...

"A BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL production" 

Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"This POETIC SCRIPT becomes music, taking us toward the redemptive promise of a new song in a different key."
Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Opening night was a TRIUMPH"
Dave Begal, OnMilwaukee.com

"The production blends the painfully REAL and FANTASTIC..Director Jessica Lanius finds both the warmth and poetry in Rahman's play"
Paul Kosidowski, Milwaukee Magazine

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"Theatre LILA, one of Madison's newest theater troupes, received a hearty Wisconsin welcome for its production of No Child... The director of No Child... and Theatre LILA's artistic director, Jessica Lanius is a Madison-raised theater professional who has returned to town with confidence and mighty chops."
Katie Reiser, Isthmus, 1/11/2014
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"(Theatre LILA's FIRECRACKER) is a cultural adventure not to be missed... it is a veritable explosion of theatrical dynamism. I can't remember being so exhilarated at the theatre recently. The play is performed with spectacular panache and energy by its accomplished cast of eleven."
Martin Dentin, nytheatre.com
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"WONDER:lust is likely to drift into your dreams... Arden Reese takes you on an astonishing ride through the terrors of logic and the vertigo of reason, and forces you to wonder about WHAT IF."
Deidre Donovan, thearescene.net
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"Good theater often provokes one of two reactions: it entertains, or it prompts thought. Rare is the production that does both. With “The Lear Project,” the Harwich Winter Theatre and Theatre LILA have created that most rare of alchemies..."
By Scott Dalton - The Cape Codder
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“There is an aura of trust permeating the ensemble that extends and includes the audience. They trust each other…
This is one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in 5 years!”
Bryn Manion

“Theater Lila makes its debut with a strongly experiential approach. It is the kind of theater that demands your attention through physical urgency and immediacy.”
Bryn Manion - offoffonline.com
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“I eventually saw that I was watching myself on stage. I realized the universality of the theme and how this rare show successfully fulfills one of the original purposes of theatre: catharsis."
Debbie Hoodiman

"What makes this piece extraordinary is the genuine emotional experience it elicits."
Debbie Hoodiman - NYTheatre.com
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I liked it!...Amidst the rage and tragedy that defines the WRECKED universe, there is a wickedly fun interpretation of Zeus as a smarmy, lounging deity who manipulates mortals and demigods alike with the slightest of gestures, only to sit back smoking as war, murder and destruction overcomes the landscape.”
Kessa De Santis - electroniclink/off-Broadway
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