In the summer of 2004 LILA instituted the THE LAB series in NYC as a professional workout place for LILA ensemble members. In 2014 Theatre LILA will build a similar lab for Wisconsin theatre artists, THE ACTORS LAB 360°, to be held at the Madison Opera Center. 

The mission of the THE ACTORS LAB 360° is to rigorously investigate and explore Theater LILA’s physical theatre techniques and experimental ideas, treating the rehearsal space like a working scientific laboratory for original works, established scripts and various theater, dance, and ensemble techniques, to expand the boundaries of theatrical convention without the pressure of production results.

Actors, writers, designers and directors invited to The LAB are required to attend the LAB sessions regularly and treat it like a theatre artist’s gym, where they workout once a week.  Theatre LILA is committed to running the LAB to keep us challenged and connected as active working artists.

Theatre LILA's LAB sessions are open to professional actors, dancers, musicians, writers, and directors who were interested in working out with us.  If you are a theatre professional or theatre student and are interested in learning more about The ACTORS LAB 360º in Madison WI email us at 



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