Theatre LILA
Story Project Workshop

The Theatre LILA Story Project Workshop is a leadership and community building workshop tailor made for a diverse group of participants ranging from high school students to adult professionals.

The workshop begins by engaging participants in theatre-based games & exercises in order to enhance and deepen leadership skills, learn how to better collaborate and work as a team and ignite creativity in new ways while working outside of ones comfort zone. Activities are very physical and allow participants space to find their innate ‘sense of play’ using their 360 degree self--head, heart and body. 

In the second half of the workshop each participant will be given tools and space to work with their peers to collaborate and create a short theatre piece and perform the piece for the group. They will then be taken through a highly structured story telling exercises that will give them the confidence and framework to share their story with the group at the culmination of the day.

Participants choose a defining moment from their life and the theme of these stories can be tailored for each workshop and needs of the organization.  Examples of themes include defining moments surrounding: family, friendships, love, career, race, identity, triumphs, bullying etc. 

The workshop will be taught by Theatre LILA Artistic Director, Jessica Lanius, who is a Kennedy Center Teaching Artist with a BFA & MFA in theatre and over 20 years of teaching experience.

Workshop Fees:
Adult professional teams and groups
$55 per participant

Schools and non-profit organizations
$300/per group* of up to 25 students

*Subsidies and scholarships are made available through city grant funding-please inquire if your organization needs financial assistance in order to bring this workshop to your group.

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